A Stack of Books is a Thing of Beauty

A Stack of Books is a Thing of Beauty

I love a big stack of books. It means I have plenty of reading to do. But thanks to the popularity of Bookstagramming, a stack of books has become a thing of beauty – an aesthetic. You can find book challenges such as the #ombrestack, #bumblebeestack, #stackblackandwhite, and many more.

Books have long graced people’s homes on their shelves and coffee tables. Classic books with gold inlay swirled upon their covers were used as decorations, making one appear well-read. The old family Bible may have been displayed with its grand illuminated letters, (dusting required occasionally).

I’m not usually one that likes piles of things around the house – clean freak here. That being said, a pile or stack of books is beautiful. I love full bookshelves, books on nightstands, books in the bathroom, in fact, there is a book in every room of my house.

I struggle getting rid of my books after I have read them. Will I read them again? Maybe. But I like having them around. Does that make me a book hoarder? That’s a whole different blog post for another time. Ok, back to the subject at hand. Another thing I love about this book stack challenge phenomena is that it gives a big tip of the hat to book cover design. When I was going through my books for my #stackblackandwhite challenge, it made me stop and give thought as to why the designer, publisher, and author chose this color for the cover. As a writer, I want to have an appreciation for the book and the writing process as a whole. I found I get more out of the story, as well.

I’d love to hear and see how you display your books. Have they become part of the decor of your home? Do you have stacks and piles of books surrounding you? And have you found you like to pile them in certain themes and color schemes?

Photo taken with Focos
Photo by Subakka.bookstuff

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