Twenty-one Truths About Love

Twenty-one Truths About Love

By Matthew Dicks

3.5 / 5 ⭐

Photo taken with Focos
Photo by Subakk.bookstuff

This book caught my attention when I discovered it was written entirely in the form of lists. At first I thought – so how does that make a story? I just didn’t see how a book full of lists would allow for an engaging and fulfilling read. But when I entered into Daniel Mayrock’s world and his compulsion for making lists about anything and everything, I was pleasantly surprised.

Through lists such as:

  • Shopping List
  • Texts from Jill
  • 5 Problems with lying
  • Facts about marriage
  • Proof I’m stupid
  • Ways to keep Jill from getting pregnant
  • Reasons I opened a bookstore
  • 15 Truths about Peter
  • Dinner with Mom

I learned all about Dan, his marriage and all his insecurities.

Dan is a teacher but quits the security of his job to open a bookstore called A New Chapter. Things aren’t going so well for Dan. Now he stresses over finances, and he still competes with Jill’s first husband, Peter, who is dead. Jill wants to get pregnant, but Dan is worried. See, his dad wasn’t around for him so what kind of father will he be? And he hasn’t told Jill about their financial woes. 

Even though Dan is insecure and doesn’t always make the best decisions, he will do just about anything for the family he loves. But first he must make a list of pros and cons.

Honestly, this isn’t the type of format I would choose to read, but it did work. Some of his lists were just silly, like “places I urinated today,” but others truly made me LOL. As the story unfolded, I was utterly amazed at how invested I was. I needed to know how this turned out. Would Jill and the baby be okay? Is Dan going to pull off his crazy idea to bring in some money?

And for me the best part was the lists of books. Dan owns a bookstore and he loves books. Therefore, he makes lists about books to read, what not to read, and things said by bookish people. One of my favorite comments was: “It’s hard to hate a person with a book in their hand.”

Thank you to @netgalley and @stmartinspress for this ARC for review.

Publish Date: 11/19/19

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