Nailing It | Book Review

Nailing It: How History’s Awesome Twenty Somethings Got It Together

Robert L. Dilenschneider

Publisher: @kensingtonbooks  

Pub Date: 12/28/2021


Selecting individuals from all walks of life and several areas of expertise, such as Mary Shelley, Einstein, Coco Chanel, Maya Angelou, and Sally Ride, Dilenschider looks at –

 1). Where were they around the age of 25

 2). What did they do to get them in the history books

 3). How did they accomplish it – including adversities, strengths, turning points, etc.

Besides writing a brief profile on each person, Dilenschneider throws in some interesting, fun facts. 

The people in this book intrigued me, but I was drawn to this book for another reason. In the forward by U.S. Ambassador Donald Blinken, he states that Robert Dilenschneider wrote this book because he saw how many young people feared their future. I see that in my own twenty-something-year-old kids as they face their futures with uncertainty. 

This is an inspirational and encouraging read; chase those dreams, and don’t let challenges or failures dissuade you.

**Note: On Goodreads, the book title is listed as Uncertain Choices.

Thank you to @fsbassociates for this gifted copy.

💡 Have you ever had an idea for an invention or wanted to start your own business? 

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