The #Pace Process for Early Career Success | Book Review

The #Pace Process for Early Career Success

Mark Zides

Publisher: Armin Lear Press Inc.

Pub Date: 4/4/2022

I have a guest review for you today! When @fsbassociates sent me this book, I immediately knew my son was the perfect audience for it, as he is currently looking for a job in his chosen field. 

Here are Jordan’s thoughts:

This book is like a toolbox. Within its pages, Zides gives the readers a number of tools that will help build a successful career. However, he reiterates that only you can take these tools and forge your own success. 

Although it is filled with common sense career advice, such as keys to networking, interviewing, and even coping with failure, it does set itself apart with The #PACE mindset: Prepare, Apply, Commit, and Evaluate are qualities that should become a part of your lifestyle to ultimately improve your opportunity for career success.

💼 What advice do you have for those searching for a career position? 

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